“If you’re looking for an injection of absolute MAGIC – I’m talking goosebump-inducing, light-as-a-feather instrumentals with an angelic voice taking the forefront witchcraft – then this is the song you want to melt into..” - Meredith Schdeider, Imperfect Fifth

Swedish born Matilda Lindell blends nordic melancholy with American country-pop presenting a unique sound that can only be described as captivating, earnest and unforgettable. With a talent for expressing emotions, accompanied with powerful vocals, Lindell brings incredible relatability to her songs through her velvet voice and raw lyrics. She hits that spot of affinity, inviting her audience to feel seen and understood. 

Harnessing her love of music from a young age, she spent endless hours by the old piano, writing songs that shed later record on a cassette tape that she kept next to her. To her familys enjoyment and, lets be honest, occasional frustration, she became obsessive about her craft. She wasnt afraid to show the world (which back then was her living room) who she was and go after every bit of what she wanted.

While in music college, her career as a freelance singer took off as she became one of Stockholms most celebrated singers, supporting major label and award winning artists, fronting several bands and a cappella groups. At age 26 she began touring the US as one of the principal singers in the tribute act ABBA THE CONCERT”. Her passion and musicality has taken her to venues such as the prestigious Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles and the gorgeous Wolf Trap Performing Arts Centre outside of Washington D.C. Shes also had one of her original songs nominated for CARA (the A Capella worlds Grammy equivalent). 

Her upcoming EP is a fascinating deep dive into ABBA, and includes interpretations of a selection of ABBA songs that have brought special meaning to her over the years. The familiar melodies are discovered in a new way” says Matilda. The essence of the songs are there but I have created a new perspective and, I hope, a new emotional journey for the listener”. Strings are an important element in these new beautiful versions.

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